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    The top ten reasons you may need a consultant

    All leaders - nonprofit or business, government or education - need to  constantly improve their own skills to improve their organization's outcomes.  All too often, leaders think they can do it all on their own. Just like a lawyer shouldn’t represent himself in court, leaders need to admit they don't know everything about managing people, processes, boards, or finances. To take your organization and its people to the next level it is often a wise decision to call in a Management Consultant. Here are the top ten reasons to hire a consultant. You need expertise you do not have within your organization. IT consulting is a perfect example of this.…

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    FAQ: Strategic Planning

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Strategic Plan A note from Leadership Bridges: We have been asked to provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about various organizational governance, leadership, strategy, and operations topics that we have encountered in our work.  This first FAQ topic is about Strategic Planning. We believe this topic should be first because an organization’s strategic plan provides the foundation for all the good work that follows. As you read this FAQ, let us know if you have other questions about strategic planning that we should answer. What other topics should we cover in future FAQ posts?  Let us hear from you – either through the comments…

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    Organizations at a Crossroads

    When an organization is facing a leadership change, it is at a crossroads. Down one path is a successful future. Down the other dangers lurk. An organization at this juncture can either excel as the staff and board  embrace change and work toward a bright new future or falter when the new leader struggles to get his or her stride. As nonprofit boards respond to a leadership change, they need time to find the right candidate. The problem is, most nonprofit boards are composed of successful - and busy - volunteers who do not have the time the organization truly needs for this succession process. Staff need time to grieve and…