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    Slaying Dragons

    Leaders are constantly grappling with one challenge or another. Today it is a personnel issue; tomorrow a budget crisis; next week a government decision that will affect our business. Leaders must regularly and routinely slay such dragons or face the consequences. In a way, slaying dragons is invigorating. The adrenaline flows and the creativity ramps up. You become the hero of the moment. How rewarding! But. Sometimes the dragons we must slay are not dragons at all. They're mice. That's right, those tiny little creatures that live among us. Mice - not dragons - are really our largest threat over the long run. My personal experience with a mouse bears…

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    FAQ: Strategic Planning

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Strategic Plan A note from Leadership Bridges: We have been asked to provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about various organizational governance, leadership, strategy, and operations topics that we have encountered in our work.  This first FAQ topic is about Strategic Planning. We believe this topic should be first because an organization’s strategic plan provides the foundation for all the good work that follows. As you read this FAQ, let us know if you have other questions about strategic planning that we should answer. What other topics should we cover in future FAQ posts?  Let us hear from you – either through the comments…