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A (relatively) complete list of our services

The Leadership Bridges team is YOUR source for organizational excellence, from the simple to the complex.  Below is a (relatively) complete list of the services we provide for organizations like yours. Our team understands your needs, because we have been where you are. Let us help you!

  • Board Governance Training: for executives or boards: A high functioning board is critical to a well-run organization. We can provide governance training for your board and staff to help them understand the role of the board, their fiduciary responsibilities, and the ideal board composition and organizational process to assure effective meetings, sound decisions, and strategic recruitment strategies.
  • By-Laws review/revisions: When was the last time you looked at your by-laws? Law changes, organizational development, and operational realities can lead to outdated by-laws. Our first step is to analyze your current by-laws and board policies. We then research state laws, funding source requirements, best practices, and operational preferences. From that research we will provide recommendations that may include small tweaks, major revisions, or no action at all. According to your decision, we can draft revised by-laws that meet your current and future needs for presentation to your board.
  • Coaching: Whether it is executive leadership or emerging leaders, everyone benefits from coaching. We have coached new employees and seasoned executives to help them achieve new levels of performance that even they could not have envisioned. And we can help you or your team.
  • Community Action Specific Services: Several of our team members have extensive experience with programs and services common to community action agencies. Consequently, we can provide customized consulting for your CAA on such topics as Organizational Standards; Head Start Standards; Tripartite Boards; and much more. Click here for more information on our services specifically designed for your community action agency
  • Compliance: Today's nonprofit environment requires organizations to be vigilant about compliance: with laws and regulations, with contractual obligations, with organizational standards required by many funders; and much more. Our compliance work includes analysis, tools, and techniques to help your team stay compliant.
  • Crisis management: We hope you never need it, but we can help with crisis management, that can include assessing the situation, securing documents, developing a communication plan for staff, board, and/or the public, as needed, conducting a forensic analysis of your financial records, and drafting policies and procedures to prevent further crises.
  • Everything DiSC® a nationally recognized and validated behavioral assessment. We can provide the testing, interpretation, and how team members can work better together.
  • Facilitation: Whether you are organizing a staff retreat, a board orientation, or a change management process, we can provide that independent voice to move your team toward the outcomes you desire. (See also Leadership Retreats/Meeting Facilitation, Presentations, below.)
  • Financial Assessment: Do you wonder how your finances are doing? Recently had a bad audit? Experienced finance staff turnover? We can analyze your fiscal operation to determine weaknesses; develop a strong internal controls system; and develop policies and procedures to prevent financial irregularities and give you peace of mind.
  • Five Behaviors® As a Five Behaviors of a Team authorized partner, we can bring the nationally recognized teambuilding system to your team.
  • Interim Executive services: Has a member of your key management team left? We can provide interim services while you search for the perfect replacement. We can even help you with job design, revise the job description, and develop the interview and questions.
  • Leadership Development: Do you have new managers that need a little extra support? We can help with need-specific training; coaching for performance; and customized group or individual sessions.
  • Organizational Assessments: We have designed a complete organizational assessment process that includes finance; fund development; technology; governance; human resources; and accountability. Through this systematic approach, we will determine your organization's strengths and weaknesses, help you identify, document, and preserve key corporate records, and develop a plan to secure and protect agency resources and client privacy.
  • Policy review/development/revision: Do your policies and procedures need an overhaul, but no one has time to do the heavy lifting required? Utilize the Leadership Bridges team to revise, update, or create the policies you need to function effectively. We can even help communicate the policies to your team.
  • Presentations: Leadership Bridges consultants are adept and providing fun, interactive, and relevant presentations for your next meeting, whether it is for board, staff, or community. We have a variety of topics ready to go, and can customize any presentation for your audience, format, and venue.
  • Process design:  Do you have processes that are mission-critical? Are they documented? Our process design techniques can help your team understand the key components of every process; train new team members on the correct steps; and maintain quality even when faced with changing funding requirements, increasing client needs, or even staff turnover.
  • Staff Retreats: Our facilitators can help you plan and implement a staff retreat that is energizing, motivating, educational, and fun. We work with your leadership team to determine goals for your retreat, and agenda to achieve those goals, and metrics to evaluate the success of the event.
  • Strategic Planning: We can help your team develop a forward-thinking and enduring strategic plan that includes key result areas, operational goals, and customized tools to keep you focused on organizational success.
  • Succession Planning: Every organization should be planning for the next generation of leaders.  We can help you identify the key leaders in your organization and develop succession documents so that the institutional knowledge remains when those leaders retire or quit.
  • Sustainability Assessments: Leadership Bridges has developed a process that will help your team determine the sustainability of services and programs and develop a plan to capitalize on your organization's strengths, improve mission-based decision-making, and minimize money-burning programs and services.
  • Team Building: We can facilitate your next team-building retreat with customized activities; team assessments; and experiential learning exercises. The possibilities are practically endless and the benefit to your team's effectiveness is real.

Don't see your current need on the list? Contact us for a discussion. We have a network of consultants in other fields we can refer you to in such areas as public relations, mergers, technology, software training, and much more!

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