Strategic Planning is the basis on which organizations become strong and effective. We can help your team develop a forward-thinking and enduring strategy.

  • The process: We recommend involving as many stakeholders as possible including your customers, staff, board, investors, and community. A combination of stakeholder interviews, strategic planning sessions, and surveys will assure a full analysis from which to make strategic decisions.
  • The plan. Distilling all of the data gleaned from the interviews and planning sessions is key to the plan's success. It needs to be in depth enough for the reader to fully understand the environment, but organized well enough to serve as the living document it was meant to be.
  • Implementation. Too many Strategic Plans become nothing more than the proverbial coffee table book. If your organization's Strategic Plan is to become a living document that guides the agency over the next three to five years, you need an implementation process that will work for you and your team.

At Leadership Bridges, we make planning fun and relevant for the participants so that it will be valuable for your organization's mission. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization build a strong and enduring strategy that strengthens your mission.

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