Succession Planning

Succession planning is one of the most important jobs for a nonprofit Board. It can be an uncomfortable process, but it doesn't have to be.  We eliminate the emotional baggage of succession planning by concentrating on the organization's future.

We can focus on succession for Board, CEO or key staff, depending on the organization's needs.  Whichever you choose, your organization will be stronger and better prepared for the future as a result.

Interim Executive Services

Sometimes it is best for the organization for an Interim Executive to fill the CEO role for awhile. Consider using one of Leadership Bridges' Interim CEO resources. You will give the Board will valuable time to make the best decision on a permanent Executive Director to lead the organization into a strong future.

When the remaining staff need time to adjust when a popular executive leaves, an Interim CEO may be exactly what the organization needs.

And if the organization has struggled, our Interim CEO services can provide forensic analysis to help the board and organization make those hard decisions that may be needed to move the organization toward a new level of excellence.

Coaching for the New Executive

As your new CEO adjusts to his or her role, and the staff adjusts to the new executive, there are likely to be questions and problems that arise. The CEO will need a safe and supportive mentor to work through those early jitters. Leadership Bridges consultants can provide that supportive ear to get the new leader over the first few months on the job.

Next Steps...

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