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The top ten reasons you may need a consultant

All leaders - nonprofit or business, government or education - need to  constantly improve their own skills to improve their organization's outcomes.  All too often, leaders think they can do it all on their own. Just like a lawyer shouldn’t represent himself in court, leaders need to admit they don't know everything about managing people, processes, boards, or finances. To take your organization and its people to the next level it is often a wise decision to call in a Management Consultant.

Here are the top ten reasons to hire a consultant.

  1. You need expertise you do not have within your organization. IT consulting is a perfect example of this. Few managers have the time to learn how to manage their network, keep their Technology infrastructure secure from hacks, malware, and system crashes. That - and I whole lot more - is what IT Consultants are for.
  2. Your organization is experiencing a crisis of some sort - big or small. I hope you never have to deal with a crisis in your organization. But if it happens, you may need to consider hiring a consultant to help clean up the mess.  I recently consulted with an organization after a long term executive director left. They needed a full overhaul of infrastructure, policies, and procedures. Internal staff were too close to the "old ways" to understand what needed to be done. And the Board didn't have enough time or knowledge to get the organization back on a positive path. They really needed a consultant, and I was honored that they called me. After the engagement, one Board member commented:  "Mrs. Tandy stepped into a very difficult situation in which she immediately identified internal problems, inefficiencies, and lack of internal controls. She implemented corrective actions and streamlined multiple departments in a relatively short period of time."
  3. An urgent problem requires immediate leadership attention. A consultant can help the organization's leadership problem-solve in the moment and provide contingency planning to avoid or respond to future problems.
  4. You need a task done that no one on your team has time to do. Consultants excel at coming to an organization to complete a specific project and then leaving with the staff trained and documentation prepared so that the organization can pick it up from there.  Consultants excel at Strategic Planning; Policy reviews; Bylaw updates; IT infrastructure installations, and you should trust them to do that work so you can focus on your other mission-critical work.
  5. You need to expand your thinking with additional perspectives. Consultants provide that unbiased third party perspective that leaders desperately need to make sound decisions.
  6. Your staff seems to respond better to an "outside expert." It is a puzzling but truism that I have seen time and time again. Staff simply pay more attention and respond more positively when the organization brings in a third party to provide training, facilitate a retreat, or coach an individual toward better performance.
  7. Your organization needs an overall assessment of its operations or key processes.
  8. The team can benefit from skilled coaching and development. A consultant/coach is valuable to help leaders learn to address performance issues such a consumer complaints, missed deadlines, poor people skills, and time management, for example.
  9. You need a skilled sounding board to work through organizational planning issues and opportunities.
  10. An unexpected vacancy  occurs in a key leadership position. This is the time an organization most needs the advice and assistance of a consultant. Consultants can conduct an analysis of that person's job duties, redistribute assignments in the short run, and redesign the duties for the next person to be more effective and efficient.

If your organization is facing any of these issues, it may be time to call in a consultant. At Leadership Bridges, we are ready, willing, and able to help. And even if you don't need our services, we have a network of content area specialists to call on for your specific needs. Any you won't know what you need until you make that contact.

Call or email us today! I guarantee you will be glad you did!