Leadership Bridges is provides consulting and coaching services that will make your nonprofit organization or small business or stronger and more resilient. Whether we are facilitating board training, conducting a strategic planning process, or organizing leadership development workshops, you can count on Leadership Bridges consultants to bring an affordable, customized, and research-based approach that addresses your organization’s unique environment. 

A word from our Founder, Florence Tandy:

“Leaders need practical, accessible advice on managing – from strategy, to people, to governance, to operations. I started Leadership Bridges in part because of the challenges I faced and the lessons I learned in my own leadership journey. Take advantage of my education and leadership experience to position your team to reach a new level personal success and organizational performance.”  


A strong team with capable leadership is vital for a successful organization.

Our coaching, leadership development, and team building services will  assure your team is aligned with the mission and carrying out that mission ably and ethically.


Having a strong and vibrant board of directors is the key to nonprofit success.

Our strategic planning, board training, and board development processes will turn your board into a high performing board.


With a strategy in place, a strong board, and committed leaders you are positioned for success.

Our organizational analysis will help you build a strong, sustainable organization. We can even help manage through a crisis or a key leadership change.


All organizations need a strategy to bring clarity of mission and purpose to life for the team.

We provide strategic planning services, but go beyond that to offer sustainability planning and process documentation to assure your strategy’s success.


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