Our Approach

When an organization is facing a leadership change, it is at a crossroads. It can either falter when the new leader struggles to get his or her stride or excel as the organization embraces change and works toward a bright new future.

As nonprofit boards respond to a leadership change, they need time to find the right candidate, time for the staff to grieve and adjust to a new normal, time to help the organization adjust. The problem is, most nonprofit boards are composed of successful - and busy - volunteers who do not have the time the organization truly needs for this succession process.

We work with your Board and Staff to plan your organization's future with a new leader. We provide succession planning; interim executive services; and new director coaching, all designed to help your organization excel.

Our Story

We have been there. Our team has experience with a variety of nonprofit organizations adjusting to leadership changes, and have seen a variety of good and bad transitions. When a board tries to hire someone quickly to keep the organization on track, they often find that executive leaving within a year or two, becoming what we call an "unintentional interim." The board is then faced with the task again, and usually with a staff that is uncertain, unmotivated, and fearful.

We know this is not good for the organization or for the customers that organization serves. We have developed a system and process to help the board overcome the "unintentional interim syndrome" by providing succession planning services before an executive retires, serving in an interim capacity to keep the organization on track while the board carries out the search process and makes a decision on their next leader. And we will stay with this leader to help them navigate those important first weeks in their new role.

Meet our Founder


Florence Tandy

Founder & CEO

Florence Tandy is an accomplished executive, having held leadership roles in large, complex nonprofit organizations in such industries as human services, health care, and technical assistance organizations. Her specialties include leadership strategy and development, governance, strategic planning, transformation and sustainability, and community involvement.

Florence has developed a strong reputation as a turn-around executive, grappling with troubling leadership, governance, and complicated sustainability issues for several organizations during her career.

Over her 30 year career, she served as the CEO in three nonprofit organizations, one a start-up. She has served on the boards of numerous not-for-profit organizations and for-profit advisory councils.

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